Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Task 1: The Contemporary Photography Portfolio

The Artist and photographer Simon Chaput was born in France in 1952. He travels extensively and is based New York City. Private and institutional collections in France, Switzerland, Germany, Italy, England, Mexico, Brazil, Australia, Japan and The United States feature his work. Simon Chaput’s recent solo exhibitions were Nude Dune at Fifty One Fine Art Gallery, Antwerp, Belgium and Paris. Simon Chaput’s work has appeared in Conde Nast Traveller and Daily Telegraph.

            Technical Consideration
He influence the many areas through the world of fine art photography, such as Nude photography, Waterfall, Nude Dune, and he Dominate the art of photography, along with photographs, he makes photographic books, films, and video installations. He dominated the field so to convey a message through elements of design.

            Formal Considerations
He presented message through the art of photography and has certain concepts, the angles, and lighting to enhance and strengthen the art of picture he tries to convey, such as Nude photography he will not convey naked pictures to stimulate the lust of people who view his artwork, but He presented from the elements of design, to perform, Lines, Shapes, Form and Pattern. The concept he often used is Black and White. Because easy to get the effect and final outcome some work.

            The Choice of Subject Matter
The work that he is trying to convey to the community to understand what it is they are know about fine art photography, he presented through experiments subject matter like human body or things that are around nature and elements of design, although some people who understand it, perhaps only those who know what the design,

            The Successes in how well the photograph communicate an idea
to achieve communication ideas pictures, they always make the experiment through photography tools and select the appropriate subject matter and easy to deliver to the community. The concepts,angles and idea he choose always meet.


Figure 2: Nude Photography

Figure 3: Waterfall

Figure 4: Nude Dune

Figure 5: Death Valley

Figure 6: The Kogi

Figure 7: Jantar Mantar

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